14 January 2007


My heart full of nervousness, I enter the hall
I looked around: there was no one to call.
I moved forward and took my place
My hands were shivering but I walked with grace!
The sound echoed in the hall . there was a bit of
Then , I Led my mind into defragmentation
Where I thought on how to write verse
But whats the use? I only got perverse!
Then I thought -who could beat Shakespeare??
I knew, it’s about my hidden fear
Well, he was too good to be defeated
What I have written is going to be completed
So wat say? Ready to get set…
Will the time to come make me fret?
What shall the aftermath be?
Its only me whose going to see...
Tomatoes or applaud -what would come in my share?
But I needn’t worry --god will do me fair
Be optimistic : let’s wait n watch
As time ticks by my swatch
Ohhh...there comes my name…
Gosh…everyone ogles at me…is it a shame?
Why do I care, my comarades frown
He haaa…it’s my time to wear the crown
Oooo…There comes the judge’s decision
With no partiality but accurate precision...
They announced the winner… the title goes to …
If no one else but I would do!


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